Books, films and maps on Skopelos and Greece
Mamma Mia

mamma-mia-poster2I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to write much about this film, unless you are reading this on another planet or solar system. Released in 2008, Mamma Mia! quickly became the highest grossing film of all time in the UK. The movie boasts a stellar cast (Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth among them), but you might agree with me that they are all outshone by the main star of the film - Skopelos. Enjoy the turquoise seas of Kastani, the pine forests of Amarando and the tiny chapel of Aghios Yiannis, which are all used to portray the fictional paradise island of Kalokairi. The Abba soundtrack will probably get you tapping your feet, if not singing along.

Shirley Valentine

shirley-valentine2A classic comedy with special appeal for all Grecophiles, this film tells the story of a middle-aged housewife who is set free from her dreary life in rainy Liverpool after a holiday in Mykonos, where she rediscovers passion, happiness and her self.

Skopelos : the landscapes and vernacular architecture of an Aegean island. Marc Held

skopelos-small This lovely hardback book is written by Marc Held, a well-known French architect, who lives on the island. His passion for and knowledge of the island, its inhabitants and its impressive local architecture are evident throughout the book. It’s a great source for people interested in building or restoring a home on the island, but also for all Skopelos lovers in general, thanks to the plentiful and superlative colour photography by Camillo Nollas and some fascinating black and white photos from the archives.

An Island In Greece : On the shores of Skopelos . Michael Carroll, Tauris Parke Paperbacks

book2 Formerly published as "Gates of the Wind", this paperback is an autobiographical account. It tells the story of how the author, Michael Carroll, sailed into Skopelos one day in the 1960s to find that its magical countryside and seascapes and the warmth and simplicity of its inhabitants, were to capture his heart. The book is vividly and humorously written and captures the time and place perfectly.

General books about Greece

Complete Mediterranean Wildlife (Illustrated). Paul Sterry

book3If you enjoy rambling through the countryside or exploring the shoreline when you are on holiday, this could be a good book for you. It has descriptions and photographs of wildflowers, trees, birds, mammals and amphibians so that you can identify what species you are looking at and learn more about them. It even looks at wildlife you might encounter on the seabed when you are snorkelling.

The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean. Aglaia Kremezi

book4Love greek food and want to have a go at making some of your favourite dishes or try out some new recipes? This book takes you on a tour of the many culinary delights of the Greek islands and even features a spinach, leek and fennel pie from Skopelos.

Anavasi map of Skopelos

Without doubt the very best map of Skopelos on the market! Anavasi maps are put together using scientific data, such as GPS and Geographic Information Systems, for their field data and map composition. The result is a map that is full of detail and so accurate you can use it for hiking and exploring. As well as contours, settlements, water springs, churches and main roads, the map shows the dirt road network as well as some of the major mule tracks and trails. The map also includes some general island information and some interesting suggestions for getting out and seeing some of the island’s many beautiful areas.

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