Eating Out in Skopelos

Eating and drinking are a way of life in Greece-meals are always a lengthy and social affair with lots of conversation, laughter, and sharing of dishes. Skopelos cuisine is a more or less uncomplicated one-probably because not much fuss is needed to make the most of the abundance of fresh produce: seasonal and wild greens, colourful and juicy local fruit, seafood caught the same day, and lets not forget the amazingly pure and fruity olive oil, all washed down by an ice cold retsina.

Taverna Eating out in Greece has come a long way since the days when all the tavernas offered the same limited menu, and when you went back home feeling that you couldn’t look at another Greek salad or moussaka ever again. These days, you can still look forward to enjoying those classic dishes , but also know that you will find a great selection of places to eat, many offering more sophisticated culinary delights, and a hand-picked wine list.

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