Special things to do in Skopelos
May 1st is a public holiday, and the tradition is to get out into the meadows, pick bunches of wild flowers, and to make wreaths which are then hung on doorways.
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June is a great month for people who enjoy foraging for wild food. This isthe month to get into the countryside and to gather bunches of totally organic oregano.
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July is usually the hottest month of the whole summer. The balmy evenings are perfect for a stroll into the countryside.
There you will be serenaded by the magical and evocative summer sounds of owl and frog song!
The busiest time of the whole year, when the beaches are packed is however the time of year when traditionally the country cottages and orchards would be bustling with activity.
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After the long hot days of high summer, September is a month when although warm sunny days still abound, it becomes possible once more to put on the walking boots, and to get out and enjoy a hike along dirt tracks and mule paths..
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