Travellers' Tips ...

We would like to include a few extra pieces of information which we think would be useful to visitors to the beautiful island of Skopelos:

  • Travel Agency – there are three small travel agencies in Skopelos Town around the harbourfront.   All can give advice and information as well as booking excursions, arranging car hire etc
  • Ticket Offices – there are two ticket offices in Skopelos:  Hellenic Seaways sell tickets for the car ferry, Flying Cat and Flying Dolphin run by their company, together with onward bus tickets from Agios Konstantinos to Athens.  The second ticket office, Lemonis, sells tickets for car ferries which only run in the summer and are not owned by Hellenic, e.g. NEL lines, Skyros Shipping
  • Banks – there are three banks – National Bank of Greece, Agrotiki Bank and Alpha Bank.  All have ATMs outside but are generally open from 08.00 – 13.30 Monday – Friday for currency exchange, etc.  Although there is no longer a bank in Glossa, there is an ATM machine in the village of Elios.
  • Credit Cards – credit cards are still not widely accepted on Skopelos, although some of the larger supermarkets, petrol stations, jewellers and more up market restaurants will now take them.   Please be prepared to pay in cash in tavernas and shops
  • Supermarkets – there are numerous small “supermarkets” dotted around Skopelos, catering for most needs, but there are now three larger chain supermarkets:  Dia, Carrefour (on the Stafylos road) and Asteras (on the main road from the harbour) where goods can be bought at slightly better prices.  All three have their own parking areas
  • Parking – In Skopelos town there is a free car park on the harbour front, close to the port but be aware that this gets very busy in July and August.  There is a second car park around the harbour in the old port, also free of charge.
  • Health Centre – Skopelos has a very good health centre located on the ring road, between the school and the fire station.  Staff are available 24 hours per day, with drop in consultations preferred in the mornings
  • Dentist – there are two very good private dentists in Skopelos Town and a dental clinic at the Health Centre
  • Pharmacy – there are two pharmacies in Skopelos Town, one on the ring road directly opposite the Health Centre and the other in Platanos (Souvlaki) Square.  In Glossa, the pharmacy is along the main street, just after Maestrali taverna.
  • Police – the police station is located in a small street just behind the National Bank and accessed by steps to the side of the bank.  There is usually someone on duty who can speak a little English.   The Port Police have jurisdiction over the port area and at least one officer can usually be found in the small office by the port gates
  • Post Office – there is a main post office in town, along one of the streets leading off Platanos Square and a post office “counter” inside the photographic shop in Glossa village.  There are three couriers’ offices in Skopelos – Speedex, ACS and Yenikee
  • Internet – Skopelos now has only one internet café which is in the old port and open from early morning until late at night.  However, most of the café bars around the waterfront now have WiFi for those travelers bringing their own equipment
  • Mobile Phones – there is good coverage for all network services on the island.
  • Laundry – there is one launderette in Skopelos Town which offers full laundry and dry cleaning services

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